Friday, November 13, 2009

My point of view on pedestrians

Bonanzacam is back! This time with the dirt - I don't have to say much 'cos the camera does most of the talking.
Still a little shakey as I'm holding camera with one hand while steering with the other. (Also why I wasn't going terribly fast)
Points to note. In case you can't see at this size - ALL the traffic lights I'm going through are bright green!
Does that stop our wandering flocks of foot-travellers? Nuh uh!
Pedestrians - their own worst enemy.

Vicarious Gnarlyness

Experiencing things for yourself is often the 'only way' but sometimes...
Well, sometimes I'm glad there are dedicated nutters out there who perform feats at outrageous risk to life and limb and then record their experience from their point of view.
It could be those hardy souls who dive under Arctic ice, paraglide cm from cliffs or these two mountain biker brothers, Dan and Gee Atherton, who go for a breath-taking plunge through back alleys of the Dona Marta slum in Brazil.
I get the self-same view they did from the warmth, comfort and safety of my computer/lounge chair.