Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunch at the Chair

This is what it's all about - 10 (Well, less than 15 after buying sushi) minutes from the office (by bike) and I'm sitting here taking it in
(I already put this on twitvid but, you know, they're complaining about 'meltdown' or something from all the views it's getting - and besides it's more 'Bike Bloggy')

After chilling at the Chair for a spell I footled to AGNSW to see their new Cezanne acquisition - 'Bords de la Marne'
'Genius' apparently so I gave it some time - and, you know, the more I looked the more I saw - cool...

Then before leaving I also snuck a peak at the way-too-small Sydney Long 'focus' exhibition - at least his lovely 'Pan' pic was featured, nice and low - first time I've really noticed the reeds in the foreground - nobody does sinuous plant growth like Sydney

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dental as anything

Passed the same neighbourhood as yesterday and was reminded of this stylish medical facility in view of those 'funky apartments'

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Gander at Gaffa

Lunchtime jaunts lately have been a pied - will be back on bike soon
Today strolled to Gaffa, one of Sydney's network of artist-run galleries
It's pretty much right where you pop out of the end of the Central Station pedestrian tunnel here:

And, as you can see, right next door to Ding Dong Dang {"oh, THERE..."} - Gaffa is in the middle floor - upstairs is for lease btw

Currently showing is "Transgression a new series of works in glass by Sydney based artist Kate Baker."
Like this? That'll be $3200, thanks

And check out this FUNKY apartment block just around the corner - deliciously seedy (& you'll notice the dealer is 'in')

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Evolution of BottleMart Man

Companies just can't leave 'em alone - the 'personalities' that are the champions of their brand. Think Coco the Monkey - he was once a little devil-may-care primate with a certain Caribbean style sense who enjoyed a bowl of crunchy chocolate milkshake... and then someone decided he had to move with the times and be hip - and so he started a series of transmogrifications that attempted to present him as being 'cool' to each new fleeting phase of kids culture - and any vestige of his original personality faded away...

Anyway here's another case of blandifying seen on our streets - The BottleMart Man

I think this is the first incarnation - he's a bottle/man - crude but fair enough

This, I think, is where is someone gave him some zing - he's elevated beyond a 'living bottle', he's got character now - a rare development for the better in my view - he's got his 'at your service' bow tie and some gusto - I like him

Ah but then it's almost as if someone else said 'Oh no. he's got too MUCH character now - make him more MIXFM'  and behold - a regular schmo in an open shirt - yawn

In the grand scheme of things it's not a great loss to society per se - but he represents a trend that saddens me a little every time I witness it

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I chicken out

Yeah - I'll have the 70 and my friend'll have the 71, thanks... (Click to enlarge)

(Actually I had the chicken)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bridge to Nowhere

Have a guess where this bridge in the centre of town goes? That's right - Nowhere!
There's no way in at either end - there are just walls (I've looked (I was curious))
It's just an empty tube floating above downtown Pitt St watching the world go by below
Make a cool apartment...

bonanza bike wharf excursion

A typical trouserbonanza lunch break...

The [t]rusty steed - seen here leaning against the Splendid Sandwich bar near the Observatory - where I procured a scrummy toasted ham n' avo focaccia 

Then past the boarded-up [?] Palisade pub

...down this funky path

giggle at squashed car

...and had lunch here before a quick squiz at the MCA

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bonanza bike blog 1

Sydney + Lunch Hour + Bike = Unlimited Possibilities
I'm damned if I'm ever going to schlep back to the office to eat my footlong Sub in front of my monitor
60 minutes on a bike can take you to parks, galleries & myriad unexplored corners of this town and have you munching with million dollar views - FREE!
Sydney never runs out of things to surprise and the less you expect the more it seems to deliver
I'll chuck some pix up of some excursions when I figure out how