Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Evolution of BottleMart Man

Companies just can't leave 'em alone - the 'personalities' that are the champions of their brand. Think Coco the Monkey - he was once a little devil-may-care primate with a certain Caribbean style sense who enjoyed a bowl of crunchy chocolate milkshake... and then someone decided he had to move with the times and be hip - and so he started a series of transmogrifications that attempted to present him as being 'cool' to each new fleeting phase of kids culture - and any vestige of his original personality faded away...

Anyway here's another case of blandifying seen on our streets - The BottleMart Man

I think this is the first incarnation - he's a bottle/man - crude but fair enough

This, I think, is where is someone gave him some zing - he's elevated beyond a 'living bottle', he's got character now - a rare development for the better in my view - he's got his 'at your service' bow tie and some gusto - I like him

Ah but then it's almost as if someone else said 'Oh no. he's got too MUCH character now - make him more MIXFM'  and behold - a regular schmo in an open shirt - yawn

In the grand scheme of things it's not a great loss to society per se - but he represents a trend that saddens me a little every time I witness it

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