Thursday, October 29, 2009

Show us your girly bits

Who isn't an admirer of the female form, eh? (I'm not talking about the commercial side of catering to obsessive admiration - the primary drive, it seems, behind every new medium we invent.) 
No, I refer to bona fide 'artistic' appreciation. What always struck me, though, about that expression in sculptureland - probably as long as there has been sculpture, too, I imagine - is the rampant reductionism of 'femininity'. 
The fallback for female nude sculpture is so often to limit the anatomy depicted to the area between the neck down to the mid-thigh. 
And numerous works on display now around the full circuit of the foyer in the Australia Square building conform to this approach. (Exhibited by the Sculptors Society)
They are nice bits of women and all, but it just seems a bit of a samey shorthand cop-out after a while. 
See what I mean...?

This last one, rather cheekily, is titled "Playthings".
Incidentally - you should see what what they're asking for these things - THOUSANDS of dollars!

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