Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Passport to Paddington

It's a relatively handy bike trip to Paddo from Chinatown (admittedly uphill all the way)

My main reason this time was to snap this graffiti - but I missed its previous glory (it was a lot less sinister) - it had evolved... but I guess that's the nature of temporary street art

For the Syd Barrett trainspotters: the piece was seen here ("Arnold Layne, had a strange hobby...")

And on same building 'round the corner, this work - v. competent (it's a cool vinyl record shop for DJ's)

Then up on to Crown St to pick up some Maltese pastizzi for lunch (20 yummy fillings to choose)

Then slogged up hill to Australian Centre of Photography - which was closed 'cos it was Monday
Oh well, this renovation job next door was interesting  

Before heading back, strolled past recently opened Paddington Reserve (site of old reservoir) Town Hall in bkgd for reference

It's actually a fascinating site - looks positively archaeological, check out these pillars etc
From there it was very fast, all downhill trip on the Oxford St express back to work! 

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