Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's going on here?

Walking along a familiar route up Pitt St when I realised that this totally funky Deco building was... A] Boarded up &
B] Lit up

What's going on?

"The Metropolitan Water, Sewerage & Drainage Board" - right in the middle of town - obviously a big deal once (and, look - flowers)

It's a beaut, classic design... with its terra cotta cladding - and check out those reliefs (above the big doors)

The sign on the heavy iron doors said 'Can't get in here? Go to to Bathurst St entry"

However - at Bathurst St the entry was - and clearly had been for some time - unmanned

As was 'Customer Service'

So, let's Google...

Media release: "22 May 2009 Sydney Water now at home in Parramatta"


"1,400 staff had relocated to the Parramatta office from Sydney Water's former head office in Bathurst Street, Sydney"


"Sydney Water's Bathurst Street site sold for $140 million. The Parramatta site cost around $15 million in 2003. Brookfield Multiplex owns the new building, and Sydney Water rents office space. A 2005 study estimated it would cost $58 million to renovate the Bathurst Street building, which was built in the 1960's."

Well, well - but who's in there now?

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