Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paying the Ultimate Price in Ultimo

Cycle paths are great. Even those shared with pedestrians - in over 40 years of darting 'round 'em I haven't hit one yet. (That doesn't stop a lot of them recoiling like they think today's the day)
But there's one moment when cycle paths turn into something bad - when they join cars.

Every other day I see hotshots (usually easily recognisable - not just by the skinny-tyred street machines or clinging colours but also by their dinky backpacks) zooming down off the Anzac Bridge on the circular flyover that goes down into Ultimo. 

Speed is all so they shoot straight onto the road with nary a glance in the direction of where a car has a very real chance of appearing. 

Every other day I also see cars come swiftly up the same stretch of Quarry Master Drive. 

Sooner or later grim coincidence must occur. I know from my own personal and painful experience that it can.

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