Monday, September 7, 2009

Vertically Challenged - Hard to Top

That structure looming in the background of 'Bridge to Nowhere 2' is the MLC Centre - man, has that got a view from the top!

I always have a small back pack, so I easily pulled off the old "Hi, I'm a tourist over from NZ" routine (laying the accent on thuck...)

Went up to the Bank of America on the 64th floor, figured Yanks'd be soft for the story - true, as it happened - that I was last up there 30 years ago with an American backpacker (OK  - he was Canadian, close enough) - and would love to see how the view has changed...

Sure! "Shir!" Would you like to go into our boardroom to take some pictures? Indeed I would... wow! Pity the light was a bit flat but, never-the-less - Like I say - hard to top...

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